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Posted at the obituary website of the DENVER POST.

April 8, 2006 
 Diane, you left us way too early dear. 
I was in Mexico and couldn't be here when you went west but I had a very big margarita in your honor 
and I hope you drank yours. 
My promise at McGee's service to take you to lunch when I got back still stands but it will be delayed awhile. 
You are one hell of a gal and you will be sorely missed. 
Your friend and FLamily member,
Billy Watkins, FAL pilot, retired 
   Billy Watkins (Brighton, CO)   

April 6, 2006 
 Dear Diane,
I can't believe it... 
I flew with you and Joy Smith on the Md-80 in the 80's and never had such an outrageously fun time in my life.
the stories you told I still remember to this day and can honestly say that in my 20 years of flying 
have never had as memorable nor as fun a trip as that one.
I hadn't seen you too much of late ever since you went to the International base, 
but the few times that I did it was always a joy and always put a huge smile on my face. 
You always made me and everyone feel as if we were truly special to you. 
You were undeniably one of a kind! I will NEVER forget you! 
   Connie Ahern (Denver, CO )  

   April 5, 2006 
 I love you, Diane Marie, closer than any sister. You ARE my sister. 
   Carol Stillman (Murray, UT ) 

 March 25, 2006 
 It was a pleasure to have you as a co-worker and a friend. 
Get things ready so that when we join you, the party will continue. 
   Bob Ashby (Sun City West,, AZ )  

   March 24, 2006 
 I was very sadden to here about the death of Diane Hall. 
I remember we were sitting next each other in recurrent training class in IAH 
and we were both nervous and wishing the best of luck and gave each other a hug on passing the test. 
I still remember the hug. I will miss her, she's aready passed the test. 
Love you Marcia 
   Marcia Agnew Pruitt (Lithonia, GA ) 

 March 23, 2006 
 D is for Dynamic
I is for Impeccable
A is for Angelic
N is for Naughty
E is for Excellence

M. is for Magnificent

H is for Hillarious
A is for Amazing
L is for Laughter
L is for Love 
   Iguana Ugly (Cozumel)  

   March 23, 2006 
 In the early days when we had airplanes with round engines and tailwheels, 
back then, flight crews were family. 
The airline was still young and soon a new F/A came to the party. 
Diane Hall. She immediately joined the FAL family.
She not only joined the family but she soon became the matriarch.
When I remember a flight attendant I immediately think of Diane. 
The lady became the epitome of flight attendants 
and she leaves us all with a wonderful legacy. 
So I say, Diane, run your pre-landing checklist and don't tary. 
There are a lot of the old crews waiting to see that beautiful smile. 
   John Lelsie (Cleburne, TX )  

   March 22, 2006 
 I will most fondly remember how Diane was always happy to see me 
and to catch up on my life even if it had been 5, 10, 15 years since I had seen her last. 
I was just one of her 50-odd cousins, yet she was always happy to see me; 
for that I'm grateful and blessed. 
   Mark Hartlaub (Corpus Christi, TX )  
March 21, 2006 
 Auntie Di,
I will always miss you. I will never forget our leaps!! I will love you forever! 
I always loved the presents that you got me! 
The trips to Chicago were amazing! I'll miss you snuggling with me! 
I know you will always be with me in my heart! I love you
-Megan, 9years old 
   Megan Barbre (Dousman, WI )  

   March 21, 2006 
 Diane will very much be missed. 
I will always remember Mom and my trip out to visit her in Colorado. 
She was always a fun person to be around.
   nina wessels (prasse) (colfax, IA )  

   March 21, 2006 
 Diane will and has been missed. 
Her gusto for life was played out daily with laughter and thoughtfulness for everyone. 
Her spontanaity even included the two of us riding a mechanical bull
at a christmas party in London of all places. 
I dearly miss her, and our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. 
   Roberta Jaeger (Willis, TX )  

   March 21, 2006 
 Diane was a diamond in the rough and her smile always shined brilliantly. 
I am grateful that she touched my life when I started my career with Frontier back in 1977.
My deepest condolecences to her loving Hall family. 
   Gracey (Lopez) Fajardo (South Riding, VA )  

 March 20, 2006 
 To the Hall Family,
I was so sad to hear of the loss of one great lady. 
My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you.
Diane you were an inspiration to me with your very happy outlook on life. 
I always loved when you were around. You had your way of turning a bad situation good. 
Thanks for the memories with Dad and Mom in London at that wonderful Italian Restaurant. 
I know Dad was there to hold your hand and heart when you left us. 
You were not alone. We will miss you greatly, but will see you again someday!!
Rest in peace Diane,
Gretchen, Larry, Adam and Nicole Losurdo 
   Gretchen Losurdo (Scottsdale, AZ )  

   March 20, 2006 
 Thanks for the fun layovers and great memories. 
From Denver to Tokyo and Amsterdam, you always had a great time. You will be missed. 
   Scott Clark (Houston, TX )  

   March 20, 2006 
 My prayers go out to Diane and her family. 
Diane was a great flight attendant and friend to all. She will be missed. 
Mike E.Daciek 
   mike daciek (houston, TX )  

   March 20, 2006 
 This world has lost a very special person - 
a wonderful lady to work with, such a tremendous zest for fun & life in general. 
Diane will be missed by thoughts & prayers go to her family. 
   Leigh Skinner (Spring, TX)

March 19, 2006 
 My deepest sympathy on the passing of Diane-I flew with Diane in the 60's and always a joy to work with. 
I have many fond memories of Diane especially when we worked a charter flight together 
and she sang "Somewhere My Love" to Omar Sharif. 
We also shared many a good times when we were both residents of the Airline Apartments. 
I'm sure she will be sorely missed by those that had the pleasure of knowing her. 
   Beverly (Brown) Armando (Sharon, MA )  

   March 18, 2006 
 My memories of Diane include a vivacious personality that exuded energy and excitement everywhere she went. 
My thoughts and prayers are with the family, especially Meg, a true friend in every sense of the word. 
   Peggy Brush (Palatine, IL )  

   March 18, 2006 
 Diane...You will be remembered for keeping alive all the memories of many Frontier friends. 
I never had the pleasure of going to any of your reunion parties but heard many great stories. 
Thank you for your efforts to keep the good days of Frontier Airlines in our thoughts forever. 
My thoughts are with you and your many friends and family. 
   Pamela Nettleton-Cunningham (Houston, TX )  

March 17, 2006
	A wonderful lady,a super F/A. 
It has been 20+ years since last I saw you so I have some old memories. 
In the old days the flight crew was family and you, Diane, was the matriarch. 
Admired by many and loved by all. 
So, do your "landing checklist" and slick this one on. Many are waiting to welcome you. 
Until nest time. John
   	John Leslie (Cleburne, TX )

   	March 17, 2006
	I always enjoyed flying with Diane and remember her passion for the Denver Broncos. 
You are missed by you CAL Family, but we know you have gone to a Better Place. 
My prayers go out to your Family and Friends.
   	Sharon Green (Weslaco, TX )

   	March 17, 2006
	Farewell Diane. Thanks for being a wonderful friend and a terriffic flight attendant. 
You will be missed. Captain Don R. Madden
   	Don Madden (Checotah, OK )

   	March 17, 2006
	Diane--This is not goodbye but merely so long. 
You were wonderful to fly with. You were both pleasant and efficient. 
When you were in control of the cabin, I knew that we would have a great flight. 
I--like hundreds of others--will miss you. Thank you for being the great lady that you are. Will see you soon.
Captain Joe H. Ferguson
   	Joe Ferguson (American Fork, UT )

   	March 17, 2006
	Diane has a memorial webpage posted at the "Old" Frontier Airlines website under the URL
Diane lives on in cyberspace!
   	Jake Lamkins (West Fork, AR )

March 16, 2006 
 Diane, you were a wonderful neighbor, always going out of your way to help others. 
And you made every gathering a party! Know how much Vern, Linda, Jack, Lillian and I miss you. 
We won't forget you - your wonderful stories will be re-told and we'll picture your warm smile and laugh. 
   Janice Brenner (Aurora, CO )  

   March 16, 2006 
 The memories I have of you always bring a smile and a giggle. 
From the Frontier family to our Continental family Diane will be missed. Jema 
   Jema Mendelsberg (Humble, TX )  

   March 16, 2006 
 What a great lady. As part of the "old Frontier" group I will always remember the times we spent as a crew. 
We all will miss you but the guys that have gone ahead are all waiting to see you again.
Get the cabin ready for the rest of us. 
   Alan Harris (St. George, UT )  
   March 15, 2006 
 My dearest and one of my closest friends, Diane Marie Hall, 
came into my life in August of 1966 when we both went into stewardess training for the “old” Frontier Airlines. 
We were the best of friends, co-conspirators, roommates, and confidantes.
She was born in Chicago, Illinois. I know that she loved Chicago. 
Along the way of her life, she became an X-Ray tech. 
Through our years together, I met 3 of her siblings, Margaret, Charlene, and Michael. 
She had other siblings that I never met. 
Diane and I flew for the “old” Frontier Airlines for 20 years together. 
She stayed in the Denver domicile for the duration of her career with Frontier. 
After the demise of the “old” Frontier, she accepted a flight attendant position with Continental Airlines. 
She flew for them for another 20 years until she had an accident in Amsterdam, I believe it was. 
While she was on that layover she fell on wet cobblestones and shattered her right arm. 
It was a long healing process, and she had several complications associated with that arm. 
Due to the complications, she never regained full strength of the arm, so it forced her into “semi” retirement. 
Flying was her love, her passion and her life. I know she missed it very much.
I’ve never met a person with such a gift of laughter and love of life. 
She could make anyone laugh in less than 5 seconds regardless of his or her mood. 
Diane had a gift of making the mundane and tedium of everyday life an adventure and fun. 
She was priceless. She was a minx and a pixie……… a true Irishwoman.
Another of her characteristics that I loved was her generosity. 
She helped so many people by being there for them. 
She visited them, and provided whatever they needed. She took care of them. 
She told me about these many people she helped, not for recognition, 
but just telling me what she’d been up to and what had happened to these people. 
She was genuinely concerned for their well-being and comfort. 
I know I can never even come close to measuring up to her. 
She was a loving, giving woman……. 
and I know that she knows that I love her and miss her more than I can say. 
She will leave a very big hole in many people’s lives that will be impossible to fill.
I'm late in signing this book as I wasn't at all sure I wanted to make my feelings public 
or I must have needed some time to do so. 
   Carol Pickett-Stillman (Murray, UT )  

   March 15, 2006 
 One of the best In every way. 
   Donald W. Miracle (Houston, TX )  

   March 15, 2006 
 Happy trails Diane 
   Jim Bogan (Phoenis, AZ ) 

   March 15, 2006 
 I met Diane when I first started with FL in CYS. 
She always had a positive attitude and her famous " Hi There" when we opened the door. 
There wasn't anything put on about her. She told it like it was. 
Those on the other side will benefit from her presence. 
   Jim Bogan (Phoenix, AZ ) 

   March 15, 2006 
 At the memory of Diane we grieve, cry, and laugh all at the same time, 
and with the greatest of respect and love possible. 
You were the best flight attendant I ever had the pleasure to meet. Godspeed my friend. 
   Jim Currie (SC )  

   March 15, 2006 
 I never had a chance to meet you, but only spoke to you on the phone at Meg's. 
I know you were deeply loved by all and will never be forgotten. 
Be at peace and say "HI" to my sister Pat for me.
My deepest sympathy to her family and friends for their loss. 
   Carla McFadden (Walnut Creek, CA )  

   March 15, 2006 

   March 15, 2006 
 We’ve known Diane for almost 40 years (when we all were very young!!) 
Diane and Joanne were in the same “Stew” class in 1966 and Bob was a new pilot then. 
We had great times flying around this country together and, 
after that, sharing laughs and stories at the Denver reunions. 
Her early departure will leave a big hole in the Frontier family that’s still here 
but those who have gone before are really celebrating - they’re parties have just done a barrel roll. 
So long old friend, we’ll miss you.
Bob Reisig and Joanne Griffin 
   (Denver, CO )  

   March 15, 2006 
 Dear Diane,
Thanks for all the special memories and all the laughter. 
It is truely a blessing to know you.! You will be in my heart forever.
Ps. I am still waiting for the 'Glass Caserole' receipe.! 
   Kim Weidner (Cary, IL )  
March 15, 2006 
Your smile and attitude will live forever in the hearts of all you touched. 
Please say hello to all of my great friends whom you have now joined. 
You will be greatly missed and thought of often! :) 
   Bill Obendorf (Aurora, CO )  

   March 14, 2006 
 Dear Di,
I'm going to miss you so much.I still tell stories of flying with you.
We had such a great time.You weren't only fun, but you were so caring & helped everyone.
You were a big softie & I will miss you terribly. One of a kind!
I know you're organizing a big St.Patty's Day bash with all the gang that's gone before, 
so I'll be having a special green beer this year in your honor.
Goodbye my friend-Godspeed.
Love you always,Joy Alley-Smith 
   Joy Alley-Smith (Seattle, WA )  

   March 14, 2006 
 I first knew you, Diane, only by reputation. 
But every story I heard made me laugh or smile. You had "guts", girl. 
I wish I had half the "guts" you had. You were never a push over. Yet, you had a heart of gold. 
You were a wonderful hostess at the annual Frontier Reunion party and 
I always looked forward to seeing you there. 
May God bless you. 
   Ruth René Strong (Centennial, CO )  

   March 14, 2006 
 We kinda lost touch when we wound up at CAL. 
The few times I saw you it immediately brought a smile to my face. 
That is what I will always fondly remember. Bob Klumb 
   Bob & Janet Klumb (Spring, TX )  

   March 14, 2006 
 I miss you already, Di, but am so thankful for the great visit we had last October. 
I pray for you and hope you will do the same for me. 
   Uncle Laury Hartlaub  

   March 14, 2006 
 Auntie Di,
Thank you for all of your kind words at just the right time, 
your willingness to do anything to help me get my foot in the door, 
your exceptional hospitality and understanding when nobody else would. 
My world is definitely a brighter place because of you. 
My water cannon salute has been made on your last taxi out and 
I wish you the best ride ever on the journey into the sunset. 
You will never be forgotten in the Barbre household. 
Charlie, Megan and I all have very fond memories and will hold on to those forever. 
You will always be at the top of my NRSA list! Love,
Chris Barbre 
   Chris Barbre (Muskego, WI )  

   March 14, 2006 
 All of us are the poorer for Diane's death. 
You made such a special difference in many lives, 
and Mike and I will long remember your legacy of wisdom, humor, and love of family. 
Thank you for the rich memories. Love, Janie 
   Janie Brueggeman-Warren (Albuquerque, NM )  

   March 14, 2006 
 For twenty years we laughed and played in the Frontier skies. 
I will always remember the joy and laughter we shared. 
Maybe you can tell me a new story when we meet (assuming we end up in the same row). 
I will miss knowing you are there. 
My thoughts are with your family and close friends. 
   Kathryn Norris (Seattle, WA ) 

   March 14, 2006 

   March 14, 2006 
 We have lost a one of a kind jewel never to be replaced. 
   Bob Stone (Denver, CO ) 

March 14, 2006 
 Diane, Meg and I went on many vacations to Diane's favorite spot in Mexico, Cozumel. 
All I can say is what goes on in Cozumel, stays in Cozumel. I have been blessed to know and love her, 
she will be missed 
   Linda Millar (Palatine, IL )  

   March 14, 2006 
 Diane always made me laugh...and made work seem like play. I will miss her dearly... 
   Nina Abbott (Aurora, CO )  

   March 14, 2006 
 Diane, you are leaving behind a lot of sad hearts. 
However, those hearts are filled with love and fond memories 
for you kind soul, beautiful, warm smile and Zest for life. 
You will be missed by many and the FAL reunions will never be the same.
You are a truly loving,"one of kind" SPECIAL person. Love you!
Lynette Clements 
   Lynette Clements (Parker, CO )  

March 14, 2006 
 Diane, Godspeed and tailwinds, will always appreciate your understanding, 
compassion and help with my friend, Capt. George. d 
   Dale Buss (Castle Rock, CO )  

   March 14, 2006 
 I met Diane when she joined CAL. 
I enjoyed flying with her and was sad to hear of her passing. 
She always had a smile. My sympathies to her family and her friends 
   Sheila Hammond (Houston, TX )  

   March 13, 2006 
 I had the pleasure of knowing Diane and flying with her only on a few trips...
her spirit and love for her job was so exilerating. 
My message to Diane is..."What the catapillar calls the end...God calls the Butterfly"
Fondly...Lisa Sachetta 
   Lisa Sachetta (Westwood, KS )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Happy Trails Diane.... 
   Neil Benton (Highland Village, TX )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Aunt Di, I will miss you forever and I will never forget you. 
I will always remember all the funny storys about you. 
I care about you very much & I will never forget the time when I came down to Denver 
and and spent the whole time snuggling under your Mexican blankets.
Love, your Great Niece,
   Morgan Stechner (Waukesha, WI )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Diane was a special part of the Frontier family and will truly be missed by all of us. 
A lot of great memories. Our thaughts and prayers will be with you Diane. 
   Joe and Sherry Portlock (Arvada, CO )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Diane, you aged just like the rest of us but in your fun-loving heart, always 21. 
Professional in your duties, and yet mischievous and playful, but never in a malicious way. 
Your effervescent smile and disarming wit not only charmed all the flight crews but the passengers as well. 
We all have been fortunate to know you.
Your kindness and caring shown to all was a real blessing. We wish you God's peace and love. 
Mike & Joan 
   Mike Daciek (Highlands Ranch, CO )       

   March 13, 2006 
 Dearest Diane: 
Your smile and the twinkle in your eyes will keep you forever in our hearts and minds.
Keep that smile and keep that twinkle for we will all expect to see it again when it comes to be our time. 
God-speed Diane. Love you, Don and Vyanne 
   Don & Vyanne Laustrup (Cave Creek, AZ )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Aunt Di, 
Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been part of your life. 
As I have read the entries of others I realize how many lives you have touched. 
Thank you for all the memories. I hope that this next chapter of your life is as wonderful as the previous. 
I will think of you always and never forget you. I Love You.
With all my heart, 
Josef Charles
P.S. I promised you that you would be the first to know. I am going to keep that promise.
P.P.S.If they have it in Heaven order up some Sauerbraten. 
Just don't forget the spetzal and the creamed spinach. 
   Josef Charles Hall (Chicago, IL )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Diane had one of the most unique personalities I have encountered in this business. 
No matter what life threw her way, she always had a smile, great laughter, and some memorable remark. 
Things won't be the same without her. 
   Charlie Trantham (Kingwood, TX )  

March 13, 2006 
 From one of your many cousins: 
Diane the last time I saw you we had our picture taken together because you felt we were like bookends. 
A true compliment to me. May you be flying on eagles wings and watching over us all now. Lots of Love 
   Mary Monzures (Paradise Valley, AZ )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Diane, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! You were so special to all of us. 
You made us laugh, kept us in line both on and off the plane and was always there when we needed you. 
We are so grateful for the opportunity to have known you. 
You will be missed, but we know you have gone to a better place. 
I know God welcomed you with open arms because your smile can be seen from here. 
Continue to keep the rest of of flying safe until we land on that runway in the sky. 
   Charlie & Mary Seefluth (Montgomery, TX )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Diane, I'll always remember the trips we flew together and the beautiful smile you always had. 
I will miss your reunion parties and all you have done for the "Old Frontier". 
May you rest in peace and God Bless. 
   Joy Potter-Trudeau (Aurora, CO )  

   March 13, 2006 

   March 13, 2006 
I don't have the words to express how much you will be missed. 
I smile just thinking about your quick wit, twinkle in your eyes and laughter you gave us all! 
I know it must be some party up there when all those who have gone before see who has joined them! 
With loving thoughts and prayers!
   Lynda Lane (Aurora, CO )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Dianne Hall…
Always a friend and enthusiastic crew member (making co-workers and passengers feel important….
never forgetting a name…or what happened on your last flight together); 
sensitive and sympathetic (an in-flight psychologist…with her sure-cure humor); 
charming and disarming (passengers and co-workers, alike, 
found it hard to stay irritated or pout when things didn’t go their way); 
smart (don’t try to win…she’s way ahead of you); million dollar smile and laughter 
(just thinking of her makes me smile); twinkling-mischievous eyes (you can’t help but join in…); 
“famous personality” (mention her name…the stories are quick to follow!); 
hospitality (the itinerant party hostess…
she never had a party anyone ever forgot…and….although I – regrettably - never made it 
to her famous “night before the reunion” parties, there is no doubt they were a highlight to all who came) …. 
and, yet, always professional and loyal to her position, co-workers and Frontier Airlines. 
She truly squeezed more life out of her short time on this good earth 
than most of us could if we had a hundred years with no sleep! 
She IS a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-forgotten personality who truly lived and loved life. 
Hugs to family and friends who were lucky enough to have shared a piece of her life.
Sue Judd Evans 
   Sue Judd-Evans (Kansas City, MO )  

   March 13, 2006 
 My first memories of Diane is of how regal she seemed. 
Maybe it had a little to do with the bee-hive hairdo that was in style, 
but whenever I was at the Hall house for sleep-overs, 
I always thought she was so mature and regal. 
Now when I think of Diane, I think of her great laugh - so infectious and so Diane! 
I am so sorry Howie (yes, Howie), Char, Patty, Michael and Margaret for your loss! 
   Anne Hartlaub Smith (Western Springs, IL )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Probably the best F/A I've ever had in my cabin, although I was too junior to have her in my cabin crew. 
She was THE BEST of the BEST. GOD rest Diane, we'll see you again. Clyde 
   Clyde Hart (Crossville, TN )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Diane,we all will miss you so very much.
You were a wonderful person and truely one of the special group at Frontier. 
God Bless. Dennis and Gloria 
   Dennis and Gloria Lacy (Aurora, CO )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Whenever I think of Frontier FA's I think of Diane Hall. 
She was the best of the best. She always had a smile for us. 
We flew together quite a lot starting in the mid 60's. We will miss you, Diane.

God Bless you and your family, 
   Denny Finke (Sandy, UT )  

March 13, 2006 
 Diane, you were a very special lady who was loved and will never be forgotten 
by those of us who were fortunate enough to know you. 
May you have blue skies and tailwinds as you embark on the next phase of your adventure of life.
God bless you, 
   Pete Lamkin (Aurora, CO )  

   March 13, 2006 
 In my mind, Diane was the quintessential Frontier Flight Attendant; 
one whom we all respected and loved. 
Thank you Diane for being such a great person. You will be missed. 
   Molly Coyle (Euless, TX )  

   March 13, 2006 
 My dear Diane, I did not see you enough in the past few years but I always knew you were there. 
I will miss not having you in the wings. What adventures we had- you will never be forgotten. 
God Bless you and your family. 
   Lis Lane (Denver, CO )  

   March 13, 2006 
 reunions will always be a little sad without Diane. We will always miss that smile. KB 
   Ken Banks (Irving, TX )  

   March 13, 2006 
 Bon Voyage to a much loved woman. You will be missed. God Bless you and your family . 
Love Astrid 
   Astrid Gyger (Tomball, TX ) 

 March 12, 2006 
 Knowing that Diane is gone is sad news. 
She could always make us laugh--she was one of a kind. 
   Sam and Jo Clark (Montgomery, TX )  

   March 12, 2006 
 A great flight attendant and a great lady!
May this landing be the best of them all.
John E. Green 
   John E. Green (Shawnee,, KS )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Diane always added sunshine to the day when I opened the A/C door and saw her smiling face.
God be with you and bless you Diane. 
   Charlie Clark (Sacramento, CA )  

   March 12, 2006 
 After all the hard flights in your life may your final landing be smooth. 
   Wesley Te Winkle (Estes Park, CO )  

   March 12, 2006 
 We too will miss Diane's ever present smile and impish laugh. 
No matter where she was, on or off the airplane, everyone was glad to be in her company.
We enjoyed seeing Diane this summer at the SLC FAL picnic 
and were looking forward to her annual party this summer. 
The reunions will never be the same...
Blue Skies & Tailwinds for Diane on her flight West... 
   Billy & Cheryl Walker (Phoenix, AZ )  

   March 12, 2006 
 You will be missed and thank you for the wonderful memories of when going to work was "fun" 
   Karen Berry (Colleyville, TX )  

   March 12, 2006 
 No, this cannot be. You are way to young! Get back here, because our lives won't be the same without you. 
Thanks for all the wonderful memories. 
I can't help but smile thinking about all your quick retorts to any situation. 
The memory of the "old Frontier" gang isn't complete without including Diane Hall in it. 
Good luck on your new journey. With love! 
   Bob & Sue Williams (Pleasant Grove, UT )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Although I did not know you personally, Diane, I know that there are many people who loved and admired you. 
That can only mean that you were a good and kind-hearted individual. 
The FLamily will always remember the great contributions that you made to our legacy over the years. 
Aloha and Blessings, 
   Donna Harrison (Ewa Beach, HI )  

   March 12, 2006 
 I never worried about the cabin with you. You were the best. 
   Grant Holmes (SRQ, FL )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Always my pleasure to have Diane on my flights. 
Her professionalism and humor will surely be missed. With fond memories. 
   Gary Winn (Salt Lake City, UT )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Like all great legends that eventually go west, she'll be missed but remembered. 
   Tom Hollister (Ft. Worth, TX )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Diane, you are loved, respected, and admired by all of us that worked with you. 
You bring smiles, laughter and a 'warm heart' to all, when we hear your name. 
Please take care of those on this trip, just as you have taken care of us for so many years. 
May God Bless You, as your friendship has BLESSED US. 
   Dave Kaplan (Phoenix)  

   March 12, 2006 
 I was a Sr Agent in DEN for many years. 
When a Flight would arrive at the gate & I opened the passenger door 
& saw Diane there my whole day just got a 100% better. 
She will be missed! 
   Wally Reid (CO )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Diane will always be a part of my Flight Attendant memories. 
She was one of several "stews" I was priviledged to learn from on the B727 
in 1967 when I joined the Frontier family. 
Condolences to her family and her many, many friends. 
   Kathleen Dionne (WA )  

   March 12, 2006 
 I will always remember your humor and help when I was a new guy.
I am sorry to have missed all your parties over the years. I will miss you Diane. 
   Henry Rankin (Kansas City, MO )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Think of her as living in the hearts of us she touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost and she was loved so much.
Ace & Janet Avakian 
   Ace & Janet Avakian (Castle Rock, CO )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Always, Always a pleasure to have Diane on a flight. 
Smooth Air and Tailwinds "Hall" !
Keep that light burning for the rest of us.
Other entries have said it better than I can 
   Kenneth O. Larason (Palmetto, FL )  

   March 12, 2006 
 Diane, Have a good flight to heaven. 
We know you'll be making plans for the F.A.L. reunion and waiting for the rest of us. 
You will be missed by many. Lanette 
   Lanette Duncan (Golden, CO )  

   March 12, 2006

   March 12, 2006
	With fond memories.
Tailwinds and happy landings, Diane.
   	George Bilotta (Mesa, AZ )

   March 12, 2006
	A great loss to the "old" Frontier group. 
It was always a joy to see Diane's name on the F/A list for my flight. 
I knew the passengers would be well taken care of and the flight was going to be a bright spot in my life. 
We'll miss you, Diane ... have a smooth flight and get the party room ready - 
the rest of us will be along shortly.
   	Phil Stallings (Kansas City, MO )

   March 11, 2006
	You were so nice
   	Dewey Penley (Austin, CO )

   March 11, 2006
	We flew many miles together at Frontier 
and they were all enjoyable and some were more memorable than others! 
Her quick sense of humor made the hours pass easily and I never had any doubt 
that everything was well under control in the cabin when Diane was part of my crew. 
One of my regrets is that I never made the time 
to attend the flight crew reunion parties which she admirably hosted over the years. 
The stories of Diane's handling in-flight situations are classics 
and would be good examples for anyone in the business. 
Diane was a fine Flight attendant and a great person and will be missed by all. 
Smooth air and tailwinds, Diane.
   	H. A. Frost (Camdenton, MO )

   March 11, 2006
	A True "Flight Attendant" for her passengers.
   	gary mackie (tus)

   March 11, 2006
	All Diane's many many friends at the "old" Frontier Airlines are saddened at the news.
She was taken much too soon. I can hear her great laugh now.
Tailwinds and happy landing, Diane.
   	Jake Lamkins (West Fork, AR )