We are FLamily!
Don Jansen
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1934 - 1968

Notes Of Remembrance

Don began working at Central Airlines on November 15, 1954.

Article from the Apr 1960 CN Skywriter

Close-up of the photo

Article from the Jan 1962 CN Skywriter

Article from the Dec 1962 CN Skywriter

A Jun 1964 article mentions Don becoming a father

Don won a contest in Jul 1964

His photo with other winners Jul 1964

Another Jul 1964 item notes Don's move to OKC station manager

Don's 10th anniversary was in Nov 1964

A Dec 1965 article shows Don on a SAN vacation

Another Dec 1965 item lists Don as the TOP correrspondent

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!