We Are FLamily!
Hoadley Dean
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1918 - 1989

Notes Of Remembrance

Hoadley was in Berlin in 1957

Article from the Oct 1961 FL NEWS

Hoadley was in the Feb 1963 NEWS twice

Second article from the Feb 1963 FL NEWS

Hoadley's pic in the 1963 Annual Report

The 1965 Annual Report also showed Hoadley

Hoadley was there when FL bought the Boeing 727s

The Oct 1975 FL NEWS featured Hoadley again

A May 1976 article mentions Hoadley

Hoadley was still on the board in 1980 and is listed on the 1984 board.

Hoadley is listed in the 1981 Annual Report

He was inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame in 1981

Photo of Hoadley from above article

An article about a lodge Hoadley once owned

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!