Billy Walker


and those daring old men and their flying machines!
Billy Walker and his Nieuport 17 bi-plane.
It's a 7/8 scale replica of the world famous WWI fighter aircraft.

Billy in the goggles and leather jacket of Jimmie Mattern
who wore them on his round the world flight in 1932.

These Nieuport 17 replicas are capable of 105 MPH at max speed.
They cruise at 65-85 MPH and have a stall speed of 28-32 MPH.

For the first time in 80 years five Nieuport 17s fly in formation.
Some are equiped with Vickers 303 machine guns and others
have a Lewis gun that shoots blanks.

Time for debriefing after the flight.
These pilots are members of Lafayette Escadrille D'Arizona
based at Chandler Airfield, Arizona.

This webpage is dedicated to Billy Walker who fought the good fight for a lot of people.
The turkeys won but Billy still flies with the eagles.

Read about Billy's "sort of" retirement and view a photo of his "goodbye" party .

Is Billy thinking of retiring again?
Billy wrote a book! Better buy one. Check out Blackwell Press for a copy.

Billy finally retired for good in 2006.

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